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About Us

Mic Mar is a Leading Application Development Company

The web is the most powerful tool in the world for communicating and streamlining information, and has been since its inception.   Indeed, it is the reason it was created in the first place.  It is therefore only natural that it is the most useful business tool when it comes to providing services to existing customers, and marketing your services to potential ones.

Web Applications as we know them today were first introduced in the Java language in 1999, and there are now many Web Application Development companies out there today.

What sets Mic Mar apart from all the other is our ability and willingness to work closely with each and every client.  Our team of highly skilled web application development experts are not finished until you’re completely satisfied with your Mobile, Web, or Facebook App.

Mic Mar provides a number of services for a number of different platforms.  With a portfolio of  Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Facebook Applications, Mic Mar has the experience necessary to build the app that best fits your business.

When it comes to Professional Web Application Development, Mic Mar is the logical choice.

Contact Mic Mar Today, and start building the future of your business.