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Mobile App Development

It has now become impossible to deny the importance of “going mobile” in today’s business world.  Custom mobile applications can be developed to provide a literally endless number of services for your customers.

According to a recent consumer report conducted by Nielson, as of July 2011, 40% of adult mobile phone owners in the US have a smart phone.  It is expected that smart phones will be the majority by the end of 2011.


Mic Mar’s expert team of Mobile Application Developers work closely with you to turn your mobile visions into reality.

There are many popular smart phone platforms, and Mic Mar can work with them all.

  •  iPhone Application Development: Since its launch in 2007, Apple’s iPhone continues to revolutionize the world of mobile devices.  Currently, it is predicted that the number of iPhone users could reach 100 Million worldwide by the end of 2011.  Mic Mar can build a number of iPhone Applications, including iPod Applications and iPad Applications.  Everything from games to tools that streamline your services for your customers, Mic Mar knows iPhone Application Development.
  •  Android Application Development: Android users now outnumber iPhone users in the US.  Google’s mobile operating system is a serious contender to the iPhone.  Due to its versatility, the Android OS is among the most attractive to Mobile Application Developers.  Android Application Development is not to be overlooked.
  •  Blackberry Application Development: Since 1999, Blackberry has been the device of choice for business people on the go.  Blackberry application development is no small task, but Mic Mar is up to the challenge and is ready to build your Blackberry Application today.
  •  Windows Mobile Application Development: Microsoft’s Windows based software has been a cornerstone in the technology industry from the very beginning, and businesses have relied on it for just as long.  Mic Mar’s windows Mobile Application Development can and will propel your business to the head of your industry.

Whether it be a game, a tool or service, or special offers such as online coupons and deals, Mic Mar’s expert team of Mobile Application Developers work closely with you to turn your mobile visions into reality.

Contact Mic Mar and start building your Mobile Application today, because tomorrow might be too late.