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Facebook App Development

Have you ever considered advertising your product or service on Facebook?

If the answer is no, then here’s a little perspective:

Facebook currently has over 750 Million users worldwide, is a household name across the globe, and is now considered to be an essential social networking and marketing tool.  Facebook provides what no other medium ever could, the ability to interact with a huge number of people in a direct and personal way.  All kinds of businesses, bands, actors, organizations, and politicians utilize Facebook every day to get their message and product out there.  Facebook Applications allow you to gain the knowledge of your customer base necessary to market to them on a personal level.


Mic Mar provides a totally unique and effective service with custom Facebook Application Development.


Mic Mar’s Custom Facebook Applications Include:

  • Facebook Games Development: Facebook games are extremely popular among users.  Current games such as The Sims Social are among the most popular, with over 30 million players, it accumulated over 16 million in the first week alone.  MicMar’s extensive repertoire of Facebook applications includes games as a marketing tool.  For example, players with high scores can unlock deals or specials in the form of coupon codes to be used when purchasing your product.
  • Custom Facebook Survey and Polls
  • Custom Quizzes that allow you to gain insight into your customer’s interests and personality.
  • Countdown Timers
  • Virtually anything you can dream up!

There is no denying the marketing potential Facebook holds, and Mic Mar will work with you closely to build the Facebook App that is right for you!

Let Mic Mar help change the way you interact with your customer’s forever.  Call today to start building your Custom Facebook Application!